Charlie`s Dog House

This is a Dog house made for the Wickannish Inn in Tofino. A dry refuge for the dog people when their humans are inside the cafe drinking lattes or cocktails. The `Charlie` name comes from the inns owner and directing manager Charles MacDiarmid. A tongue and cheek inside joke. I was going to carve a `Fido` sign but just coulden`t resist the temptation when the idea occoured to me. 

Driftwood Stools and High Fir Tables

  These pieces are particulularily exciting to me because of the joinery. All the mortice and tennon joints on the stools are done on the lathe in a jig that I have long dreamed of making. The benefits are that I can get 2 precicely sized tenons that line up perfectly even though the piece of wood is not straight. This is the bonus of turning them on their centres and cutting the mortices with a jig mounted router.  I am looking forward to developing some chair designs with these techniques.

Split Slab Dining Table

    10 Feet long by 40 inches wide, 30 inches high.  Finished with Bona Amber Seal and Bona Traffic. A heavy duty low VOC water based floor finish. Difficult to acheive a fine furniture finish but extremely durable and maintenance free.  

Laura`s Office/ Studio

   This comissioned room evolved in 3 stages to accomodate several uses in a small room. When we began there was a wall full of totes of books and files. Now there is still a wall of books and files but they are organized accessable and estetically pleasing to the eye. There is a bank of full extension drawers for files underneith a double fold down bed/ couch. There are shelves around 3 of the 4 walls and a cabinet with drawers and shelves and a corner cupboard with access from the top and inside the adjecent cupboard.

Ucluelet Aquarium Utility Cabinet

   The Ucluelet Aquarium is a community triumph. Manifested from a small group of very dedicated local people and countless hours of effort. The aquarium is a testament to what can be accomplished when people get together for the common good. The aquarium is an incredible educational asset for the coast, especially for our youth. Indeed it is my child that has peaked my interest into the minute details of the marine environment around me. There is an unparalelled opportunity to be intimate with creatures from our oceans and the staff is incredibly well informed and engaging.

Tofino Inlet Cottages- Cabinets

Tofino Inlet Cottages is the reincarnation of the old Mini Motel. One of the original A-frames has been completely rebuilt. There is a double dormer in the upstairs unit to facilitate a kitchenette and dining space. The client wanted a very durable kitchen unit, custom built to fit the space and accommodate the needs of short term guests.

Schooner Bar

This is the Schoner bar top. 12' long  40"  wide. Finished with high grade polyurethane.

Addition Finish Work

I was given the privilidge to add several finish details to the addtion on this beautiful Tofino home. There is a wall of driftwood coat hangers, a bench, feature closet doors and driftwood handrails leading up to the kids rooms upstairs. 

 The bench is made of 3 pieces of Red Cedar. The center piece has a natural curve, cut to fit the corner of the room. The joinery to the other bench pieces is tight fitting and curved as a feature. There is a magnetic door covering the electrical panel on the main wall. 

Wardrobe and Desk

This is a commissioned piece to help organize a bedroom into a modest office/living space. The wardrobe has a bank of full extension drawers and a clothes hanger. There is a pair of doors to a storage space on top. The wardrobe is made from domestic birch plywood and edged in cedar to match the decorative sanded cedar driftwood posts and handles.  The desk is made from a single red cedar limb that I milled with an Alaska Mill and cut to fit the 90 degree corner.

Bathroom Utility Shelf

 This Shelving unit was built to hold the readily accessible items in the bathroom. The driftwood `posts` give support to the lower shelves and the tops of the posts give the piece a unique style. There is a driftwood rod on the bottom to hang towels over the baseboard heater below.