Cable Cove Treatment room doors

These doors are made of Stained Douglas Fir. There are 2 tempered glass panels sandwiching a sari from India in each door. The edges of the glass have been frosted for complete privacy in the rooms yet light filteres through the saris and glass to create a lovely effect inside. 

J and P`s Bookcase

The best thing about this bookcase from a design perspective is that it only enchroaches on the living room 3 inches. The bookcase replaces an unsightly railing that was inevetably covered in clothes in this family home. The stairs are exceptionally wide so I built the descending book cases down the stairs to hold the body of the main bookcase above. The boxes are birch plywood edged in douglas fir. The upper case is backed and topped with solid fir tongue and groove, so the view from the kitchen at the back of the case is beautiful and clean. The trim is western maple.

Cable Cove Driftwood Bed

This is a 4 poster driftwood bed made of cedar driftwood from the shore lines of Clayoquot Sound. Part of the `Driftwood Suite` at the Cable Cove Inn in Tofino. The suite is full of driftwood accents from door and window trim, wall hangings and a curved corner desk. The headboard carving was designed to represent the snag (dead tree) that hangs out in the view scape from the Inn out to the sea.  My partner Mary Forest carved the headboard for me on this piece. The snag is also represented on the door to the treatment cabin also on this property. 

Ashram Spa Entry Door and Frame

This is a stained Douglas Fir entry Door and Frame with side lights. The glass inserts are thermal payne. The theme for the spa is East Indian Aurevadic medicine. I designed the trim acessories to mimic the lines of Indian architecture. The door in annointed with brass bells and a brass elephant door knob. 

 Pictures are from the outside and inside.

 Part of a larger commission.

Maple and Yew wood Tressle Table

Tressle Table. 6' long X 3' wide. Western Maple and Yew wood. The finish is Bona Mega. A low VOC water based floor finish. Tough to work with but very durable. 

Side Board

Solid Wood Sideboard Cabinet. 30" wide 6' tall 20" deep. Western Maple and Doglas Fir. Finished with super blonde shellac and paste wax. 

   This endearing piece is one of my favorites. The frame is Maple and the panels and drawer fronts are fir. There are 8 through tenon joints on the front upper and lower legs with a contrasting wedge of wenge wood. The drawer fronts are attached by sliding dove tails. They have self closing accuride drawer slides.

Cindi and Dave`s Bookcase

   Laminated Douglas Fir frame. 12' long 5' high. Domestic Birch Plywood back and bulkheads with steam bent Yew wood edging. Tempered glass panels with individually cut and polished Chrysocolla door pulls. Finished with Tung Oil and Shellac.

   Commissioned piece. The instructions were something like this:  There is the wall, something curvy, it needs to hold all our books and I never want to dust the books again. 

    The book case curves up the wall and out from the bottom up to accommodate larger books yet not encroach the passage for walking on the stairs.

All Driftwood Bed

Driftwood Bed. Western Red Cedar, Yew Wood. Fits Queen size mattress. (80"X60"). Custom built with client participation in the design criteria "Big but not too big". Final ok on the collected raw materials.