Fire Fire

 One of the most stunning cedar burls I have ever had the privilidge to work with. The grain like fire and the burned edges by fire synergise in this beautiful piece.  The center is actually turned off azis for a subtle warped effect. 

 I am pleased to say this was purchased by another artist! 

 Finish Saicos hardwax oil and lots and lots of polishing

Rain Drop Bowl

  This is an exercise of an idea in wood turning. I`m emulating a rain drop as it bounces off of water. Turned in spalted Alder wood and finished with pure Tung oil and bees wax. 

 Sold at the Ahtsik Native Gallery in Port Alberni. 


Focus on the Centre

 This is a Red Cedar turning that has been hand carved along the grain on the outer layers and sanded to a fine finish in the inner layers. There is a piece of hand cut and polished blue tigers eye in the center. Designed as a mandella of sorts the idea is that everything gets cleaner and clearer tward the center. 

 22" X 22"

 Finished with Osmo hardwax oil.



Eagle Balance Platter

 Spalted Alder platter. Eagle designs hand carved in the lip.

 Finished with pure tung oil and bees wax. 12 1/4" dia.


 Available at the Ahtsik Native Art Gallery in Port Alberni, B.C.

 $580 Sold

Eagle essence Bowl

 Alder wood, abalone and mother of pearl inlay. Pure tung oil and bees wax finish.

 This piece is for sale in Tofino at the Mark Hobson Gallery.


Lotus Bowl

 Spalted Alder wood bowl and a Red Cedar base. I added the base to elevate the piece to be able to see its shape, then turned them as one form. The leaves are carved in after the bowl is turned. Finished with walnut oil and bees wax.

 This piece will be available at the Ahtsik Art Gallery in Port Alberni. 

`The Path of Least Resistance`

 Alder wood bowl. Turned and then hand carved by following the new growth in the growth rings. The block had a rotten knot hole in the bottom of it that I cut and fit an alabone shell into. 

`Journey Within`

  Coffee Table. 18" high, 32" long, 26" wide. Yellow Cedar top. Turned on the lathe to carve out the center and then the spiral was hand carved and painted. The legs are red cedar and the skirt is yellow cedar. The top is fastened to the top with table top clips to allow for wood movement. 

   The finish is Osmo Hard Wax oil. 

 This piece will be shown at the Carving on the Edge festival in Tofino. Aug.29th to Sept 14th. 

 For Sale $2500. 

`Eagle Platter`

This platter was carved on the lathe from spalted alder wood. The details are then hand carved inside and out. 

 The finish is pure tung oil and bees wax.

 For Sale $500

`Thunder Bowl`

This is a lathe turned bowl of spalted alder wood. The details are the hand carved inside and out. 

 The design is of 2 thunderbirds. The eyes are abalone shell and it is finished with pure tung oil and bees wax. 

 This piece will be shown at the carving on the edge festival art show in Tofino from Aug 29th to Sept. 14th. 

 Sold. $3500