This piece is cut from the core of a large Maple burl that was all the way around the trunk of the tree. I have made several pieces from different cuts off of the original burl. I was left with the rotted core bit in the middle of two 10" chunks of swirly grain wood. I cut the essence of the shape of the rotted center out and wire brushed the rotten part until I was left with solid wood. The dark colour is totally natural as is the crazy patterning and texture of the wood. The back or outside of the piece has been hand carved with a hook knife to provide texture and a clean cut to show off the fabulous grain. 

  Finished with Saicos Hardwax Oil and it sits on a swivel base of Yew Wood. 

  For Sale. $1250

 Showing at the House of Alia in Tofino B.C.