Driftwood Bed. Western Red Cedar, Yew Wood. Fits Queen size mattress. (80"X60"). Custom built with client participation in the design criteria "Big but not too big". Final ok on the collected raw materials. 

 This bed uses heavy duty knock down bed hardware for ease of assembly/disassembly and durable invisible joinery. The headboard I sawed off the side of a log. During the searching of nature for a headboard piece I found a log that had the right movement and dimentions to it plus the added feature of roots on one end. I cut the essence of the log off and hauled it by boat to my shop where it underwent several weight loss programs (carving off material) during its 6 month drying time. All the rails are flatened on the inside to facilitate precision joinery and sliver free matress containment. The head board is through bolted on with wooden plugs in the counter sunk holes. The foot board (a Yew Wood root) is mortised into the foot posts and lag bolted for extra security. 

 The finish is Pure Tung Oil and Shellac.