This bench, promenently placed infront of the Roy Henry Vickers gallery in Tofino, is carved from the Western Red Cedar tree that grew on that spot for over 100 years.

 I actually would not choose to carve such a piece of rotten, knotty, twisty wood. The district of Tofino was forced to cut the tree in 2014 while rebuilding the street and side walks. It was determined that the tree was rotten. How true. Staff at the district asked me to look at the remains of the tree to see if there was something that could be carved out of the tree to honour its life and the loss of its presence to local people. I determined that I could probably get a bench of solid wood out of one of the sections of the base of the tree. So began a 10 month process of carving and drying the log. There was also a termite infestation to deal with. The great gouges in the back of the bench are from me carving out termite nests. I tried to make them look sculpted and to flow into one and another.

 I am happy and proud to have been able to make this bench. I was among the many that were sad to see this beautiful tree go from our landscape. It brings me joy to see it now enjoyed by our many visitors and locals alike. The bench is finished with Sansin SDF.