This Harpoon was created by request for my brother Qwaya Sam of Ahousaht. He is working on a totem pole in Nanaimo B.C. at the University of Vancouver Island, where it will be raised on June 11th 2015. I was priviledged to work on parts of the lower pole and asked to produce a harpoon for the Whaler figure. The Whaler is holding the harpoon in a prayerful, reverent pose.

 The harpoon is built from 3 pieces of Yew wood that are joined together. The harpoon tip is made of mussel shell and mounted on to the wooden harpoon with an elk antler piece. There is an Alder wood plug inside of the mussell shell. Although it was not necessary to go to the lengths that I did to create this replica harpoon I took it as an opportunity to learn the different traditional techniques used by our Nuu-Chah-Nulth ancestors.   

 Many thanks to all those who shared knowledge with me alomg this journey. Especially Dave Frank Sr. (Ahousaht) who trusted me with a harpoon tip that his father made and to Joe Martin (Tla-oqu-aht), a present day master canoe maker and keeper/practicer of much tradional knowledge.