Tofino Water Taxi sign

  This was a commission to build a 2 sided sign for a friends business in Tofino. The business actually now has 2 names. I decided to carve the 2 names in a different style as well as the different fonts. The Tofino Whale watch is V-cut into the panel. The Tofino Water Taxi is left flush with the surface of the panel while the wood is carved away from around it. There is also a small V-cut around the letters to define them.

  The wood is Red Cedar and the finish is Sansin. Completed in the summer 2016  

Tofino Cemetery Sign

This sign was commisioned by the Village of Tofino to be installed at the entrance of the cemetery grounds in Tofino. The joy of this project is that the sign will be largly viewed by the tofino families who have loved ones resting there. Many of the iniatives our community are tourist related and not so much for the locals. Its nice some times to take care of those who have built this place into what it is today. 

Community Hall Sign and Posts

   Directional sign for the District of Tofino. Alaska (chainsaw) milled Red Cedar sign board. 2" X 24" X 10'. Finished in Sansin SDF Nano Natural. 

   The posts are Red Cedar and are hand carved across the grain with an Adze to remove the sap wood and add texture. They are also pre-drilled for mounting over steel bars. 

`Deep Peace`

  This is a carved boardwalk plank that I completed as a memorial for the family. This is one of several planks that I carved for the new `Tonquin Park` boardwalk in Tofino in 2010. 


   `Froggy` is the little Yellow Cedar carved tree frog on this sign that I made for a good friend at the bequest of his loving parents. She seemed to take on a personality once she emerged from the block of wood. Carved by hand she took me 12 hours to complete. The leaf and driftwood mount are Red Cedar.

Tofino Tech Sign

This a Hand Carved sign in Western Red Cedar. The lettering is v-cut carved and then the negative space is carved out to make the lettering pop. I was careful to make a nice mirror of the letters in the negative with the chisel cuts. The letters are painted with white latex paint and the sign is finished with Sansin SDF nano natural.