This is my beloved workshop. Surrounded by a moat some people call the Pacific Ocean. There are some obvious inconveniences to working in this place. Everything gets transported by boat and back. There are no job opportunities coming through the door. Yet for a hopelessly romantic artist it is paradise. This is a place of inspiration. 

     Over the years I have collected a wealth of wood, stone and tools. A private place to focus and work with raw nature at my door. Once things are in place I am very efficient in this space. Here there is no one to bother me and I don`t bother anyone with my noise or odd hours.  The narrowing of the inlet here makes for swift moving water and an active animal zone. Killer Whales swim past my door. Cormorants over winter on the reef adjacent. The kelp forest blossoms in season and makes habitat for fish and hunters. These are some of the influences of my everyday and are in all of my work. 

      All shop and portrait photos by Christopher Pouget Photography