I was given the privilidge to add several finish details to the addtion on this beautiful Tofino home. There is a wall of driftwood coat hangers, a bench, feature closet doors and driftwood handrails leading up to the kids rooms upstairs. 

 The bench is made of 3 pieces of Red Cedar. The center piece has a natural curve, cut to fit the corner of the room. The joinery to the other bench pieces is tight fitting and curved as a feature. There is a magnetic door covering the electrical panel on the main wall. 

 The closet doors are Douglas Fir Frames and Pacific Yew wood door panels. The handles are Yew wood also. They have the red heart wood and some blonde sap wood and the outside edge has bark remaining on it. 

 The driftwood handrails leading upstairs feature a one piece corner joining the 2 longer sections. They are joined together as one and built to be climbed on by kids, as well as passing inspection and being smooth under hand. 

 There are some sanded cedar posts as features in the room, caping the corners and filling inside corners.