These are Cedar Logs that are in the process of being hand carved and textured with a tool called an Adze. The technique is called `Adzing` simply enough. The purpose and process is 2 fold. Carve off the outer layer of quick roting sap wood and texture the inner layer of heart wood in a stylized uniform pattern. This is a west coast carving technique from our First Nations relatives. I learned in essence from the late Henry Nola who learned from Roy Henry Vickers. I did not have the opportunity to practice this with Henry but I remember much of what he told me of the technique.

   I have never owned an adze suitable for work this large so I had to mine my memories of conversations with Henry about tool making too. I did make a couple of smaller carving knives when Henry was around to advise me but this was my first foray into larger steel forging. I was able to cobble together an oxygen and propane torch and an anvil under a tarp to make a few tools in the fall of 2013. 1 was able to make use of an old double headed axe head from my partners grandfather for the tool steel. One of the pictures shows the principle tools that I used for this project. A slick, (giant chisel with a 30" handle) a curved draw knife and a D adze of my own making. The handle is still a work in progress. It is intended to have a wolf head carved into it.