Laminated Douglas Fir frame. 12' long 5' high. Domestic Birch Plywood back and bulkheads with steam bent Yew wood edging. Tempered glass panels with individually cut and polished Chrysocolla door pulls. Finished with Tung Oil and Shellac.

   Commissioned piece. The instructions were something like this:  There is the wall, something curvy, it needs to hold all our books and I never want to dust the books again. 

    The book case curves up the wall and out from the bottom up to accommodate larger books yet not encroach the passage for walking on the stairs.

   It took every clamp in Tofino to laminate the top and bottom of this cabinet. Killer Whales swam by the shop on the evening I finished glueing up the top lamination. It was dark and I heard them before I saw them..