Guardian Spirit



  It’s morning now and Cathy, our Dene elder prays through tears. She is praying for the children in her community who have been taken from their homes by the government. Their parents are unable to care for them. The nightmare and intergenerational trauma of residential schools lives on.

  Through my tears, I see it.

  A great eagle taking flight. One wing out soaring and the other wrapped around the children. Made manifest by a Grandma’s prayers.

  This is the ‘Guardian Spirit’. Brought into this dimension from another. To share the story, to heal. The kids represented here will play. They will take care of each other. They will withdraw and they will mourn.

  In the process of carving this piece I realized that this is also my ‘Guardian Spirit’. I spent my first months of life in foster care before being placed in my adopted family. The eagle was there for me. And so to this day, carries me….

 Sold at the Eagle Aerie Gallery in Tofino. September 2016


                                                                                              Robinson Cook

 August 2015


This piece is on display and available for sale at the Eagle Aerie Gallery (Roy Vickers) on Campbell St and 2nd in Tofino BC.