This comissioned room evolved in 3 stages to accomodate several uses in a small room. When we began there was a wall full of totes of books and files. Now there is still a wall of books and files but they are organized accessable and estetically pleasing to the eye. There is a bank of full extension drawers for files underneith a double fold down bed/ couch. There are shelves around 3 of the 4 walls and a cabinet with drawers and shelves and a corner cupboard with access from the top and inside the adjecent cupboard. This room now serves as a home office, music /writing studio, guest bed and private domain of a very creative individual.

   The bulk of the work is made from domestic Birch plywood edged in Red Cedar and finished with Sansin Purity low VOC water based urethane. The handles are halved pieces of driftwood, sanded and oiled.