I spotted this big and beautiful piece of wood on the clayoquot shore line in April 2015. I pulled it off the rocks with rope and my power boat and towed to my shop. The full bulk of the wood pushed the maximum weight allowance of my hand winch and crane to get it up to the deck. It instantly lost half of its mass and size in the initial session of removing all that is not snail. The more refined hand work and drying time took much longer. Many months. I have hollowed the snail to get rid of some of the wood that was rotten and to lighten the piece. I see this feature being full of soil with creeping Thyme or some vining plant growing from the inside of the snail.  The finished patterns are all gouge lines from my carving tools. Only the antenas are sanded smooth. 

 Molluscks Cedarus was intended to be a garden sculpture. 

 Finished with Saicos Special wood oil.  Approx 44 " long, 18" wide and 24" high

 This piece is available for sale and can be viewed at Sobo Restaurant in  Tofino B.C.