I have named him `New Generation' out of respect for the two men who inspired this carving and a passing of the torch metaphor.  Roy Henry Vickers for the beautiful lines and native motifs. And Henry Nola for the carving, expert execution and gentle teaching. I have had the original eagle, that has watched over Roy Vickers Eagle Aerie gallery in Tofino for 28 years, in my shop for a rebuild/ refinish job. Having the original around filled me with a desire to create one myself using the master work as a guide. My version is much smaller (3` long compared to 6`) and the lines and shape of the wings especially are different because of the limitations of the piece of wood that I used. Since Henry passed away some 8 or so years ago it feels like he is still around to guide me in his subtle and quiet way. A gift that is cherished.  Another piece of the connection is that Henry actually gave me the piece of wood that I have carved my eagle out of!

 New Generation is carved from a single piece of red cedar and finished with Saicos special wood oil. The eyes are made of chryscicola gem stone that I cut and polished specifically for this carving. 

 This carving can be found hanging in SOBO restaurant in Tofino.