Sharky is one of those pieces that was cut out of a firewood log because I could 'see' the fin in the broken branch. Someone told me once that I was the guy that actually made the stuff from nature that people 'see'. Living on the west coast in the heart of the old growth forest there are often fabulous chunks of old growth trees that are cast into the ocean during winters big winds and tides. I need a serious supply of firewood to support my home and shop and it makes me feel good to be able to produce art from some of these pieces. 

 'Sharky' is carved from Red Cedar. As you can see the grain flows with the curve of the fin. It was a branch off the main trunk of the tree. Very squirrely grain for carving but with lots and lots of sanding it has come out smooth as a baby's bottom and glows with the oil.

 The finish is Saicos hardwax oil. Sharky weighs about 30lbs and is made to hang on 1 hook. 45" long x 27" tall x 5" thick. 

 This carving is available for sale in Gallery 8 on Salt Spring Island. $2400  Sold.