10 Feet long by 40 inches wide, 30 inches high.  Finished with Bona Amber Seal and Bona Traffic. A heavy duty low VOC water based floor finish. Difficult to acheive a fine furniture finish but extremely durable and maintenance free.  

   This Dining Table was a recently commissioned piece. The clients had the Red Cedar slab left over from milling beams to build their house from trees on the property. The Cedar was not wide enough on its own to make the table. My proposition was to add a different coloured wood down the middle of the split in half Cedar slab. I split the Cedar as opposed to cutting it straight as a feature and personal trade mark. Over the years I have developed a technique to flawlessly join two curved edges. In this case the complimentry piece is Broad Leaf Maple. There are 3-4" X 6" braces bolted through 3" slots into each piece of the top from underneith. The slots will allow the top to shrink and expand through the seasons as it will do without cracking or warping. The bigger the wood the more movement. 

   The trestle legs are also left over pieces from the milling process. These pieces in particular required a lot of work to make them `presentable`. They had been partially burned and had some huge rotten knots in them that had to get carved out. 

   I estimate the finished top to weigh close to 300 lbs. In anticipation of the massive weight of the finished piece I designed the legs to have heavy duty castors. These castors allow the table to be moved easily with one person and both the rolling and swivelling motions lock to secure the placement of the table.