Tofino Inlet Cottages is the reincarnation of the old Mini Motel. One of the original A-frames has been completely rebuilt. There is a double dormer in the upstairs unit to facilitate a kitchenette and dining space. The client wanted a very durable kitchen unit, custom built to fit the space and accommodate the needs of short term guests.

 The last photo is the office reception area. We are making the most of a small space. The high counter of red cedar has a plate glass top. The keyboard tray slides away under the counter and the computer hard drive is on a pivoting rack underneith the semi circular counter top.

 The drawer and door fronts are frame and raised panels built of solid cherry wood. The finish is Broda Pro-Thane. The handles are made from single pieces of red cedar driftwood cut in half to book match each other, then sanded and finished for colour and cleanabliity. The second unit pictured is a vanity in the bathroom.