Cedar meditation stools

 I made my first meditation stools to help me through long ceremonies while being on my knees. I tweeked the design a few times until I now have this version that is very universally comfortable. They really takes the weight off your knees and naturally aligns your hips to keep your spine straight while you sit. Very happy with this one.  $300 each

Ta-Mook and the Sweatlodge

   Ta-Mook is the Nuu-Cha-Nulth word for the Kingfisher bird. This sculpture represents a vision that I had in a Sweatlodge ceramony. The  Sweatlodge is what the bird is hovering over. During one particular ceremony I could hear a pair of Kingfishers flying around and nattering loudly as they are prone to doing. At one point there came a particularly loud twitter and like a flash of lightening I saw a huge Kingfisher`s beak break through the top of the lodge and strike the rocks. It was a gift of power and teaching. I was left with this image in my mind.

Story Inside

  This piece is cut from the core of a large Maple burl that was all the way around the trunk of the tree. I have made several pieces from different cuts off of the original burl. I was left with the rotted core bit in the middle of two 10" chunks of swirly grain wood. I cut the essence of the shape of the rotted center out and wire brushed the rotten part until I was left with solid wood. The dark colour is totally natural as is the crazy patterning and texture of the wood.

Focus on the Centre

 This is a Red Cedar turning that has been hand carved along the grain on the outer layers and sanded to a fine finish in the inner layers. There is a piece of hand cut and polished blue tigers eye in the center. Designed as a mandella of sorts the idea is that everything gets cleaner and clearer tward the center. 

 22" X 22"

 Finished with Osmo hardwax oil.



"Resurrection of the Earth"

 This piece is carved from a single piece of Red Cedar.

 The inspiration came from doing a grounding for a dear friend in pain. We were in a large building 9 stories up. This image appeared in my mind as we were visuallizing roots connecting to the earth. The roots agressively took over the building and the tree grew out the top after the roots hit the ground. I see this as my friends healing and as healing for the world. There is great contrast between the square, flat and linear building and the random, curved and sensous tree and roots.

Yellow Cedar Coffee Table

  Yellow Cedar Table (with glass) or bench. Dovetailed Yew wood 'Keys' to decoratively reinforce the joinery. 

  18" high x 48" long x 14" deep. 

  Available for sale at the Ahtsik Native Art Gallery in Port Alberni B.C.  $1500.


`Molluscks Cedarus`

  I spotted this big and beautiful piece of wood on the clayoquot shore line in April 2015. I pulled it off the rocks with rope and my power boat and towed to my shop. The full bulk of the wood pushed the maximum weight allowance of my hand winch and crane to get it up to the deck. It instantly lost half of its mass and size in the initial session of removing all that is not snail. The more refined hand work and drying time took much longer. Many months. I have hollowed the snail to get rid of some of the wood that was rotten and to lighten the piece.

Driftwood Tissue Boxes

 These boxes are made to fit over medium sized tissue boxes. They are made from red cedar driftwood. The ends and hole in the middle have been oiled with Saicos Hardwax Oil to create a lovely contrast with the natural silver of the weathered wood. Originally made for the Spa at the Wickannish Inn in Tofino I now produce these on demand as long as I can find wood suitable. $120 each.